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Business Center SUR – Pista de Silla

Big works, lifts, facades, economic problems, lack of accounting, delinquency, accidents, floods, serious fires, odors, antiquity, problems of coexistence, defects edificiación.

In Urendes Administrations have the experience of having managed many types of emergency situations:

– Accounting reconstruction even in large residential.
– Serious fires in car garages with condition to homes, family accommodation, repairs.
– Recovery situations delinquency 80%.
– Recovery communities to limit abandonment and ruin.
– Theft situations. Proposals for safety measures and protocols to prevent theft.
– economic restructuring large prespuestos in record time without reducing services. Budget € 425,000 € 185,000 annually converted to improving the community.
– Assistance and advice in situations of building defects.
– Great works of maintenance and repair structures, facades, lifts or complete renovation of facilities such as water or sanitation.



Of. Maestro Rodrigo, 52
46015-Valencia (Valencia)
Phone : 960068688



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Friday from 8:00 to 14:00


Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 15:00

Emergency care 24h

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